About these events

As we said on the front page, we want more students to know how to contribute to open source software. We believe in learning through doing, which is why the events are designed to be interactive. We also believe it's essential to understand that there is a community behind open source software; to show how real that is, we bring community members onto campus.

So far, we have run one event. You can read about that on the past events page.

The events are usually organized by Shauna Gordon-McKeon and Asheesh Laroia.

About Shauna

Shauna Gordon-McKeon is the main organizer of OpenHatch's Open Source Comes to Campus events. She's also a freelance programmer, researcher, organizer and writer. She's worked for the MIT Media Lab and Civic Commons, among others, and volunteers with the Sunlight Foundation and the Open Science Collaboration.

Shauna is currently based in Boston, MA.

About Asheesh

Asheesh Laroia is the co-founder and lead developer of OpenHatch and a Developer in Debian. He has also engineered software at Creative Commons in San Francisco and worked on Python-based video sharing site Miro Community for the Participatory Culture Foundation with an office in New York City. He has given talks on FOSS mentorship, community-building, and outreach at several open source software conferences including PyCon and DebConf.

Asheesh is currently based in San Francisco, CA, and regularly travels all over the place.

About OpenHatch

OpenHatch is an open source community aiming to help newcomers find their way into open source software projects. We work toward this goal by developing useful web tools for new contributors and leading outreach events, both on-line and in person.

We believe in the value of free software. In this web site, we call it "open source" because that term is more well-known. You can read more about the history of the phrases in Karl Fogel's book, Producing Open Source Software.

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If you want to help one of these events happen near you, you can read how to do that.

If you want to help organize or discuss these events, you should join the events mailing list. We discuss a number of outreach events there.

Want to chat ahead of an event? Have other questions? Ask questions on the #openhatch channel on FreeNode, below. Consider using IRC your first open source accomplishment :)

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